Reduced Rack Goodies

You know you have a mundane life when the highlight of your grocery shopping trip is finding some jackpot goodies on the reduced or dented rack. The thrill of getting dented cans of beans or tomatoes, a sliced cereal box or opened box is what gives me excitement at the grocery store.

I don’t care if the cans have been dropped, kicked, thrown in a fit of rage, or whatever. All I care is that I get a good deal.

Our pantry is stocked with dented boxes of pasta, cans of beans and tomatoes. They are all good, just a little dented.

The black marker that indicates the reduced price gives me a cheap thrill (get it?), and I’m happy to eat the underloved goodies.

Imagine my excitement when I saw an interesting flavor of pancake mix on the reduced rack. This was a hard sell for me because I wasn’t sure if we would really be eating pancakes, or if two dollars was really a good price. The novelty of the item got the better of me and I bought the box, top opened and all.

These pancakes were wonderful. They were thick, fluffy and nutty. I topped some with bananas and the other half I sprinkled millet in them. The crunch of the millet offered a corn muffin type of texture. And the bananas were sweetly caramelized.

Thank you grocery store for sending the butter fingered stockers to work for you. My wallet and belly appreciate it.

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