Sweet Cherry Cake

Cherry has never been my favorite flavor.

Slush. Ice cream. Starburst.

Cherry just seemed too tart. Compared with strawberry it was always a flavor that I overlooked. Watermelon, lemon and sweet strawberry were more my style.

So when there were free samples of cherries at Whole Foods, I was pleased to find that they weren’t bad. In fact, I may even like the red little globes.

In the basket they went. Two pounds of them. And what does one do with two whopping pounds of cherries when only one person is eating them?

Make cake of course.

This is from joyofbaking.com, which really hasn’t let me down yet.

I’m a little sad that my cake didn’t look exactly like the picture they had, but it’s pretty darn close.

I omitted the lemon simply because I didn’t have it.

Served up with a nice dallop, oh who am I kidding, a scoop of ice cream, and you have yourself a delicious summer treat.

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