A Sour Return

Let’s ignore the fact that I haven’t posted in a month.

I did have a honeymoon to enjoy, and a wedding to attend, and lots of lounging around to do.

Let’s also ignore that I have spent nearly $20 a week on iced coffee, that the gym has been a foreign word, and ice cream has become a permanent resident.

It’s time to get back down to business. Doug has been working on a sourdough starter for a week now.

It went from this super stinky starter:

To this delicious masterpiece:

He had to “feed” the sourdough starter twice a day to help grow yeast. Sourdough is created by a natural combination of bacteria and yeast that are present in the combination of flour and water. Having baked bread for nearly two years in this apartment, the natural yeast that is present helps create the starter.

This sourdough is by far the best bread Doug has baked. It is chewy on the outside and buttery, tangy on the inside.

I’m also looking forward to sourdough pancakes that will be in the near future.

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