S’more Brownie Bliss

Baking has not been on my agenda lately. The apartment has been a cool 85* degrees most days. And my bathing suit would like to fit on my body without pudge pouring out the sides. So cookies and cakes have been on the backburner.

But sometimes a girl just needs a brownie.

In my search for a tasty treat I found these brownies on BrownEyedBaker.com‘s blog.

Her brownies have marshmallow and a crisp rice chocolate coating.

Inspiration struck. And I made s’mores brownies.

I did use a shortcut and baked the brownies from a mix (hey, I was at my mom’s house and those suckers need to be used!).

Using the same principle as BEB, I cooked the brownies and immediately added the toppings.

Now, the amount of marshmallows you use depends on the size of your pan. I learned that the hard way when I had a goopy mess of mallow oozing over the sides of my 8×8 inch pan. So, just create a layer (not a giant mound) of mini-mallows.

The next difference is that I used crushed up graham crackers and added one sleeve of those to a bowl of melted chocolate.

I would highly recommend baking brownies from scratch because it is so easy. Really, it’s just flour, sugar, eggs, chocolate and vanilla. Pretty much everything people already have in their pantry.

So next time you make brownies, go wild and add some fun toppings. Mix in M&Ms, Oreos or Reese’s Pieces to your chocolate layer.

Oh yeah, and forget about your bathing suit.

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One Response to S’more Brownie Bliss

  1. Christina says:

    I am loving these brownies! Look at all that gooey marshmallow goodness! 🙂

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