Addicted to Bacon

I know that I was addicted to baking for a while, but recently I became addicted to bacon. You see, we received a cast iron skillet as a wedding present. Of course once one receives a new toy, it must be used. What better to cook on an iron skillet than bacon?

And now a monster has been created.

For dinner last night we had BLT and avocado sandwiches on homemade Amish bread. The bread was lathered with my own sour cream and spice creation (a dash of garlic powder, chili powder and salt).

To balance out all the fattiness of bacon, roasted veggies were served on the side.

Another BLT was consumed for lunch today. I’m thinking it will make a good dinner on the go tonight as well.

I tried making the sandwich look beautiful, but then I realized that I have no talent in making dishes look pretty. Good thing I’m not going to try out for Master Chef anytime soon.

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