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Rock Star Salad

If you haven’t tried wheatberries before then now is the time to add them to your grocery list. Wheat berry is the entire wheat kernel. When cooked it is chewy and has a similar texture to short-grain rice. These little … Continue reading

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Ice Fishing, Bagels, and Grilled Cheese

For nearly three years I have heard stories of how awesome it is to go ice fishing. There’s a hole in the ice, a few chairs, and lots of beer. Nothing could be better. And for three years I have … Continue reading

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Salad Rules

Salads often seem like a flavorless meal that adds little to no excitement on our weekly menu. We’ve been making the same old pierogi salad for over a year. And recipes often seem too frou frou. That was the truth … Continue reading

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No-Knead to Worry

This week has proven to be gluttonous, with excessive amounts of candy, cookies, chips and dip, and not so figure friendly dinners. One night it was baked macaroni and cheese (I could argue that it’s not that bad for you) … Continue reading

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