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S’more Brownie Bliss

Baking has not been on my agenda lately. The apartment has been a cool 85* degrees most days. And my bathing suit would like to fit on my body without pudge pouring out the sides. So cookies and cakes have … Continue reading

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14 bags of chocolate chips and one lame joke

Cookie jars seem like a great wedding favor right? Yeah, they are. So why didn’t anybody take them? A jar of cookie mix is sitting in front of you and you leave it? Who does that? Making these jars took … Continue reading

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Another Brilliant Idea

Some days I have brilliant ideas. Saying yes to marry Doug. Brilliant. Making brownie bites. Brilliant. Placing my hand on a 350 degree pan. Brilliant? Today was one of those days when I had a good idea. No great idea. … Continue reading

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Bikini Busting Brownie Balls

Hi. I know it’s been a while. We’ve still been cooking. Actually, there have been many times that I’ve been tempted to snap a photo of something like buffalo chicken tenders, fried tofu, and to die for oreo brownies. But … Continue reading

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Brownie Mix Healthified

Since March 9 I have not had any candy. That means no M&Ms, no candy from the bulk bin, no squirrel nut zippers or Cadbury mini eggs. Nothing that is found in the candy aisle has passed my lips. Well, … Continue reading

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Saturday School Days

Many normal schools do not have to open for Saturdays. However, the school system I work for decided to tack two Saturdays to the schedule to make up for a couple of snow days. The upside is that we get … Continue reading

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Cookie Time

In an effort to have sweets, but in a healthy-ish manner I made sweet potato cookies. These cookies aren’t overly sweet, but have a chewy texture without believing that sweet potato is a main ingredient. When oats, coconut, sweet potato … Continue reading

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