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Hostess with the…

Something good happened in the kitchen yesterday. Potluck’s theme was to replicate a restaurant recipe. This was the perfect opportunity for me to whip up a batch of something that I’ve been staring at for the past few months. Since … Continue reading

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The Forty Day Project

Today Doug asked me what I was going to give up for Lent. This was an odd question coming from someone who is 1.) a scientist and 2.) not a practicing Christian. I am not a practicing Catholic, however, I … Continue reading

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The Biggest Schmoozer

There is something about watching “The Biggest Loser” that makes me want to eat everything terrible. Sometimes it’s leftover nachos, other times it’s cupcakes, and then there are times when popcorn, graham crackers and peanut butter make their way into … Continue reading

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Celebrating 28 Years of Amy

Tomorrow is my birthday. I have mixed feelings about it. There’s the point that I’m that much closer to thirty. And that just sounds dirty. Then there’s the good that’s coming. For one, this will be the year that I … Continue reading

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Soup’s Back On!

Lately I’ve been trying to quit too much chocolate, extra sugar, cheese, and other unnecessary snacks. I’ve been pretty good with cutting out the sweets. I know that when I start it’s usually a downhill battle, with me at the … Continue reading

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LMNOPotluck Continues

The potluck has reached its seventeenth month. Meg, Doug, Tina and I have been creating recipes, sharing good food, and eating great meals for nearly a year and a half now. Though lmnopotluck‘s blog is no longer being updated, the … Continue reading

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More to come

The baking bug has been contained for several weeks. With the onslaught of half-marathon training, grad school, work, and attempting to be a good friend, time has been crunched. Thankfully, today was the final day of madness. For a while. … Continue reading

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