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Sweet Cherry Cake

Cherry has never been my favorite flavor. Slush. Ice cream. Starburst. Cherry just seemed too tart. Compared with strawberry it was always a flavor that I overlooked. Watermelon, lemon and sweet strawberry were more my style. So when there were … Continue reading

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How to Begin School Vacation

1. Bake cookies 2. Try the new Mediterranean cafe that has falafel 3. Visit the new cafe in an unlikely place and get a piece of coconut cake (cold and soaked in coconut, so yum! with a cup of chai … Continue reading

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Reduced Rack Goodies

You know you have a mundane life when the highlight of your grocery shopping trip is finding some jackpot goodies on the reduced or dented rack. The thrill of getting dented cans of beans or tomatoes, a sliced cereal box … Continue reading

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Doug’s On the Mend Menu

This past grocery shopping spree was filled with frozen fruit, yogurt, Jell-O, pudding, orange juice, and eggs. Some of those things we eat weekly, but others are a rarity. Since Doug had his wisdom teeth out we needed to keep … Continue reading

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The Best Darn Granola You’ll Ever Have

While tinkering around NPR I came across a recipe for granola. Now, readers will know that I have made a few batches of granola, lost some granola, found granola (did I mention that?), and been searching for more. This recipe … Continue reading

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Toasty Oats and Eggs

Nearly every morning I cook up a bowl of rolled oats topped with honey, peanut butter and dried cranberries. When I find a breakfast I like, I stick with it. Today, however, I worked outside of the box and cooked … Continue reading

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