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Basic Pizza Dough

Every time I type pizza dough I find myself forgetting the “h” and writing “pizza doug”. It’s funny how fitting that is because Doug is the pizza dough guy. Anytime I feel like a pizza or if people come over, … Continue reading

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Pizza anyone?

I think I’ve mentioned this before, but I love pizza. It truly is the perfect vehicle to top. Anything can go on top of the flat bread. So last week’s personal pizza was revived this week for another pizza. But … Continue reading

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Personal Pizza

I made pizza dough for the very first time. Usually the bread and pizza making is left to Doug, but I was able to get my hands dirty this time. I chose to use the Everyday Food recipe. I used … Continue reading

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The Biggest Schmoozer

There is something about watching “The Biggest Loser” that makes me want to eat everything terrible. Sometimes it’s leftover nachos, other times it’s cupcakes, and then there are times when popcorn, graham crackers and peanut butter make their way into … Continue reading

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I heart pizza

Some days I feel like a teenage boy. Not in the sense that I have a dirty mind or that I want to play XBox all day, but because I could probably live off pizza. I love pizza so much. … Continue reading

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Brews and Bites

Yesterday Doug and I headed down to Medford to hang out with our friends Seth and Kira. The plan was to meet, go to the Belmont Craft Beer Cellar, make a 6 pack of micro-brews, go back to Seth’s to … Continue reading

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No-Knead to Worry

This week has proven to be gluttonous, with excessive amounts of candy, cookies, chips and dip, and not so figure friendly dinners. One night it was baked macaroni and cheese (I could argue that it’s not that bad for you) … Continue reading

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